uniquely You!

Everything here is customisable! It's one and only in the world!

about the paints:

fabric paints and markers. along with a matte finish spray to make sure they're long lasting!


VANS canvas shoes. Or you could also choose a cheaper brand of shoes to save cost of $15 less.
if you need a larger shoe size, or would like to send me your own pair of shoes, message me! We’ll figure something out!

how to wash:

do not brush the paints heavily or use any bleach, you can use a wet towel with ordinary abluent. Keep the shoes away from high temperature and long time direct sunlight. Yup, that's easy to maintain for every lazy person like me :


The wood we use are of good quality! A seal of finishing will be layered over it. An easel will also be provided to you for free!

about the artist

Ruggarts is born just because of the love for designing. :)
Anything that relates to hand on craft, Rugger's has got to do with it!


about Ruggarts

Ruggarts is filled with creativity and has a daring spirit! If you have anything in mind you want us to make, let us know and we will see what we can offer you!


love creations, love design

Ruggarts has a series of different styles of shoes design. Falling in love with every step you take in them!

will be exploring on other mediums like laser cut wood decorative stuff. 

Stay tuned for more exciting new stuff here!